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Uncover, Rewire, Thrive in as little as 1 – 3 sessions with award winning therapy*


Experience profound change by uncovering and rewiring the root causes of challenges and beliefs. Whether it’s conquering anxiety, overcoming trauma, or boosting confidence, RTT can bring about lasting positive transformation.

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Hello! I’m Em

RTT Hypnotherapist and Trauma Informed Coach

Transform your life with personalised therapy and coaching support tailored just for you!

At Em Kaur Therapy, I’m dedicated to helping you overcome challenges and live your best lives. Whether you’re tackling depression, anxiety, or seeking personal growth, my expert guidance and proven techniques are your pathway to a happier, more fulfilling life. Embrace positive change, unlock your potential, and let me be your partner on the journey to a better you. Start living the life you deserve.

My Expertise


Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a versatile therapeutic approach that can help to address a wide range of issues. While it’s not an exhaustive list, RTT can be used to help individuals with the following challenges:

Low Self Esteem and Confidence

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Through positive reframing and rewiring techniques, hypnosis can boost self-esteem and confidence, for a more positive self-image.

Stress & Anxiety

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RTT uncovers the root causes of anxiety and doesn’t just deal with the symptoms.   

Phobias and Fears

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RTT will explore the origins of phobias and fears, helping individuals overcome their issues and associate positive beliefs and images to the once limiting patterns.

Trauma and (c)PTSD

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Trauma can leave a lasting impression on the nervous system and a persons beliefs.  RTT is particularly well-known for its effectiveness in addressing and releasing trauma, providing a pathway to healing from past experiences. 


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By addressing underlying beliefs and emotions, RTT can contribute to lifting the fog of depression and fostering a more positive outlook.  Giving you hope where you previously felt hopeless and unable to cope.

Sleep Problems

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RTT techniques can be used to explore and address the root causes of sleep issues, promoting more restful and rejuvenating sleep.  By allowing you to process issues during the session you will signal to your body that it is safe to sleep.

Weight Management and Body Image

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Rarely are weight issues about lack of understanding of diet and exercise.  Find out the subconscious beliefs around food, body image, and weight that are sabotaging your relationship with food health and attaining your health goals.

Pain Management

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RTT techniques may help individuals manage and alleviate chronic pain by addressing the emotional components associated with the pain.

Performance Enhancement

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Turbo charge visulisations with hypnosis techniques. Whether in sports, career, or personal goals, enhance your perfomance by understanding what is holding you back and rewire your mind for success.

Relationship Issues

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The pattern of behaviour that we exhibit in our adult releationships can be traced back to childhood relationships with our caregivers.  Delve into past experiences and limiting beliefs impacting relationships, promoting healthier patterns and connections with others.


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RTT can help individuals understand and change the underlying beliefs contributing to addictive behaviors or habits.  Addictions can be linked to childhood issues, trauma, lack of connection and many other causes that are rarely explored with other techniques.

Award Winning Therapy

The way you feel about anything is down to the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself.

We spend our life taking on other peoples beliefs about ourselves, limiting us in so many areas of our lives.

Take action and change your thoughts with this proven and award winning therapy.

Allow me to provide a safe non-judgemental space for you to explore what is holding you back from living a life you deserve.

Let me take you on a journey of transformation with this unique hybrid approach combining traditional psychotherapy, NLP, CBT and neuroscience.


I approached Em because I had come across her post in the RTT forum and was at a time in my life where my anxiety was taking over my life and I was struggling with my confidence and my self-esteem due to childhood trauma. When I met with her I was immediately calmed by her presence and energy. I felt very comfortable with her right off the bat and felt understood by her. Em helped me by providing me with an RTT session that would help with my anxiety and self-esteem issues. I had been through many RTT sessions with other practitioners before, but one thing I really liked about my experience with Em was how she able to complete our session within one hour, yet I was still met with great results!

In the first week after our session, I immediately noticed results and felt much calmer and more confident in myself. It was as if the constant anxious voice in my head had finally gone quiet. I genuinely feel healed after struggling with anxiety as a result of trauma I experienced in my childhood, which I thought I would never be able to let go of or recover from. In our session, Em helped guide me to finally let go of the root of my anxiety. I found the experience to be unlike any other session I had had before since I felt like I could relate to Em and that she understood me. You can tell that Em truly cares so much about the people that she helps and that she wants to ensure that the issue is resolved. She even offered me another session if I felt that my issue was still present! I would recommend Em to anyone who is struggling with anxiety or issues related to self-esteem because she knows how to help you effectively let go of your negative thoughts and trauma in such a short period of time. Em is very professional and understanding, the entire experience was very positive and I am very happy with my recording and the results I have had this far.

Anna Kotkova treatment from anxiety, state of hypervigilance.

 I loved Em’s softness and kindness and felt an instant report. It’s a multilayered issue and I definitely felt a l lot better. As I continue to use my recording I feel better every day. I felt instant feeling of relief. instant self validation, understanding and deep sense of love for myself. The relief it gave me, sense of ease, sense of completeness. The session was Priceless, so much pain was released organically, naturally. I loved Em’s softness, deep profound understanding and feeling of personal validation she provided for. She made me feel easy, relaxed and yet I felt she made me heard and guided me gently through the process of self discovery. I would absolutely recommend Em to others as she is a phenomenal therapist. She is very professional. There is no problem small or big that Em can’t tackle. She will be able to guide you through whatever issue you experience. I became calmer, more centered, self assured and able to face the world with more confidence and determination. I thought I will always be stuck with feeling anxious and feeling lost. I didn’t think anyone can make a change. Overall I felt and am feeling more balanced, in control, able to self sooth. I would recommend Em and RTT for anyone who lost hope, who thinks there’s no help possible, who thinks the only way to live in this world is to relay on conventional medicine. There is an eraser, safer and proven way to feel different and to experience a lasting change in your life, in your world and in your heart. And it’s RTT. Em provides a pathway of release of old pain, hidden behind the veil of conscious minde. She facilitates that link, you are in control and the only difference is that you are able to move to a completely different level of understanding, deeper, more profound and release what is no longer serving you.



The muscles and joints have definitely improved after one session.

RTT is different as it’s ongoing and being reminded on a daily basis is encouraging and appears to strengthen the process. The session itself is powerful and then you can keep returning to it via the transformation recording.

The whole session was uplifting and transformational. I would recommend Em for emotional and physical issues. The session has helped me focus on the issue and believe I can make a difference with my own mind rather than being a passive recipient of treatment, so encourages me to remain positive and proactive.

Listening to the recording daily helped me buoyant and positive.


I came to Em as I have been experiencing anxiety and depression for many years. I have tried many therapies over the years however, there has been no significant change especially over the long term. I had one session with Em, and I have to say it has changed my life. Overall, I feel no panic like I used to and feel confident and calm even in situations where I previously would have felt overwhelmed and panicky. I would highly recommend Em, for any issues as this therapy and Em amazing RTT skills are beyond any words. I feel better everyday and love listening to the personalised recording she has made for me.

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